14 Dec, 2020


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I know a lot of us here have googled how to lose weight and we are bombarded with supplements or told to do endless amounts of workout routines or to just cut out carbs. Some of you may have tried these things expecting amazing results, like they promised but just like before, not much happened. 

I am going to be straight with you, there is no miracle pill or workout routine and there is definitely no quick fix BUT there is a healthy and sustainable way to lose weight.

Building muscle

If you don’t build muscle, the only other option is to gain body fat. There is no other option, it’s that simple.

So how do you build muscle?

Perform resistance exercise. 

Lifting weights like dumbbells and barbells. Yep, this is going to help you build and preserve muscle mass and is the only way to improve your body shape and overall health. Now this doesn’t mean spending hours in the gym. I’m talking about structured, progressive high overload training.

Harness the power of metabolic timing.

This involves strategically consuming the correct nutrients at the right time to dramatically improve results from exercise.

Eat protein at every meal.

Eating good quality lean protein at every meal is shown to promote a number of important health benefits such as curbing hunger, stabilising blood sugar levels and preserving valuable lean body mass. Less than 10g of fat per 100g of protein is best.

Making the right plant (carb) choices

Carb choices influence insulin levels, which govern your ability to recover fast from exercise and shed any unwanted body fat (even though we are thin we still have body fat) Anything that grows from the ground is going to be a good source of carbs such as fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes. The more of these and the less processed foods the better your results and overall health will be. A little tip – The more colour you add to your meals the more nutrients you are going to give your body and it looks awesome.

Improve your Omega 3 intake

Most people are deficient in Omega 3, this imbalance promotes chronic inflammation which underlines a number of unrelated conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, mental degeneration and even depression. The best way to increase Omega 3 into your diet is to consume green leafy vegetables, fish, fish oil, flax seeds or flax oil.

Increase meal frequency

The more often you eat or feed the body with good nutrients, the quicker and easier it will be to achieve results. Instead of snacking here and there try to have meals with protein, plant foods and some omega 3. If you have 2 meals a day, try increasing to 3.

Give it time

So often I hear people giving up after a couple of weeks or months “cos it didn’t work” nothing good happens over-night. Be consistent, patient and trust the process.


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