23 Nov, 2020


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We know that structured resistance (weight) training is important, but why? The benefits of FIRE go far beyond what you see in the mirror. And while FIRE plays a huge role in body transformations, I feel it’s important to explain BOTH the physical and non-physical benefits of weight training.

Muscle mass plays a major role in our metabolism - the more muscle mass we build, the faster our metabolism is at rest (meaning we burn more body fat during the day compared to someone with less muscle mass)

FIRE alleviates body aches and pains - by strengthening your core, and strengthening the muscles surrounding your joints, you can improve chronic pain and prevent injuries.

FIRE corrects muscle weaknesses and imbalances - by focusing on FEELING each movement and improving your muscle activation during an exercise, you can gain strength and stability in your weaker areas.

FIRE improves your posture - a large majority of us sit each day, causing sore backs and tight hips. By completing weight training you can improve the effects this has on your overall posture.

Muscle mass reverses the ageing process - by building muscle NOW, you can not only function and feel younger but look younger! You will also reduce the risk of falls and breaks later in life by strengthening your bones and the tissues supporting them! (Note: As we age, our ability to BUILD lean muscle deteriorated, however, our bodies will do their best to help you KEEP and maintain what you have!)

Muscle mass improves your overall immune health - to help reduce the prevalence of common colds and flus!

FIRE will help you feel confident and strong (both physically and mentally) - by learning to push through the hardest of reps, and finding what you are truly capable of!

Muscle mass is responsible for building a lean physique! Ladies, stop shying away from weights - they won’t make you bulky! The best time to start adding a structured resistance program into your life is NOW! Performing 2 sessions per week is all you need to gain these amazing benefits. You don’t have to spend hours in a gym every week.


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