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Jo's Story

Who would have thought you could fit so much in, in one day

Jo joined Vitality FITT a year ago starting off with just doing 2

sessions a week of FIRE and nothing else, not worrying too much about

food. She started to see a shift in the shape of her body early

on and this was just going my clothes and photos, she never weighed


Then in November 2018, she stepped up her

transformation and started with us online to incorporate FIRE, ICE and

Nutrition. “I was blown away at how much food I was eating and

training three days a week (less than 3hrs a week in total).”


would have thought you could fit so much in, in one day. I have a crazy

family of four kids I love, with normal kid chaos at times, running

around as UBER mum, working etc as we do, and manage to get things

ticked off. This journey has taught me to make the most of each day. I

get up at 4.30/5am weekday mornings to get my day started.

Sometimes meal prep, organise nightly meals organise things for the kids

or get organised with work task or do a workout. I feel great

for it and it’s worth it. Starting the day off on a positive is one of

the best routines I put into place.”