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Kylie's Story

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Kylie has tried every diet under the sun

Kylie has tried fitness programs before

Kylie has two kids Kylie works full time

Last year Kylie didn’t get the results she wanted despite improving her habits weekly and doing everything I asked for her. Nothing changed at all.

Give up right? NO WAY

As I explained to Kylie, when the body has been abused for decades on end and treated that way, it doesn’t happen overnight.

Each consult ended in tears, but Kylie kept faith because everything else she tried hadn’t worked. 2017 rolled around and Kylie became more determined than ever before. Attending every session with amazing effort, always wanting to improve and better herself. Every task was completed to improve her habits Everything asked of her, was implemented to improve her habits.

The attitude had shifted again, with more energy and feeling a lot better mentally her strength had improved, and fitness was getting better too. It’s never about how far you fall, its how you get back up and after a holiday during the year Kylie bounced straight back in to focusing on her goals and why she wanted to change. Kylie didn’t want to be the fat girl anymore and wanted to be a role model for her boys. Things started changing The weight was dropping The clothes were getting looser The CM’s were dropping The mind wasn’t believing it yet, and this is another point where some give up. She stuck at it…. Week after week with great consistency A

photoshoot rolled around and even though the compliments from friends

and family were flowing, she couldn’t see what they saw in her. The photos came back, and Kylie was sent a comparison picture. it clicked… “I’ve changed” with a huge smile on her face Kylie could have given up, and lots do. Kylie now reaps the rewards of consistency knowing that the habits she has formed have changed her life forever and its something she can maintain forever which means, keeping and improving her results forever.