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Lisa's Story

Going from being able to train whenever I like to now sometimes only get to train once or twice a week is hard to get your head around.




So, what’s your nutrition like?

“I eat healthy”

This is the response I hear from so many who ask for advice or I sit down with.

My reply, “Tell me more. What does a normal day consist of?”

It’s quite often the same

Breakfast- Toast with avocado
Snack- latte
Lunch- Left overs from the night before or Salad sandwich
Snack- latte
Dinner- Meat, 3 veg with rice or a big pasta dish and rice
Desert- cheese and crackers

This is a typical healthy day for most people these days….

I will be honest, I am 100% sure, most people would not be giving the full story
We do forget a lot of the stuff
We know we shouldn’t be doing so, we get embarrassed, because we don’t want to do it and we don’t want to look like we do, but we just can’t help it.

None of it includes
- the quick grab at the servo of chips/chocolate bar
- the extra trip to your favourite fast food restaurant
- getting that Uber eats order because you couldn’t be bothered cooking
- the weekend binge sessions
- the juices, extra coffees/lattes (sugar loaded), energy drinks/soft drinks and hot chocolates

Most don’t get past this point with me in the conversation as they realise it’s to hard in there mind to change on the spot. Why?

It’s a pre-conceived idea that the person needs to eat less and exercise more

Lisa was the same

Lisa’s diet was the above, and the extras which she didn’t even know she was doing.
Lisa was also training 5-6 days a week

Lisa was so honest, that I wanted her on board and I knew I could help

Lisa was prescribed 3-4 sessions per week, which was less than before and it scared her to think less was going to help (we had to focus on building a metabolism)

First step was to record data and learn to food prep 

I sat down with Lisa, and her exact words were “If this doesn’t work, I am not going to try anymore as I have tried everything”

It’s fair to say- it’s working


Look at all that colourful food too

What has it been like working between 1 and 3 jobs at a time?

What is like with two kids under 4?

What is some advice you would give to others who may be struggling with getting their goals?

“Going from being able to train whenever I like to now sometimes only get to train once or twice a week is hard to get your head around."

I don’t feel like I’ve really come to terms with it fully just yet but I’m getting there.
Goals are hard, that’s why they are goals. It shouldn’t change whether you have a career change or extend your family. You will work everything around achieving your goals, it just might take a bit longer than you wanted too.

But if they are true goals you will add them in your life like they are your job/kids.

I bring the kids to training if that’s what it takes to train. The kids love joining in and exercising with me. I have both kids in tears if I don’t let them come to a training session. ( I don’t think I knew what exercise was when I was little so love it being part of my kids life so early)

My tip- be like Lisa
A star