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Sally's Story

I have never felt better! Do yourself a favour and start today :)


I’m walking up the stairs quicker than people in there 20’s

"Sometimes I hated the way I looked and thought people were judging me on my size"
Do you worry about what others think of you?
Are your clothes getting uncomfortable?
Shopping for clothes unenjoyable?
Are the clothes you want to wear in sizes smaller than you can fit in too?
When was the last time you looked in the mirror and liked the way you look?
Did you believe you could change?
Sally replied,
I did but not to the extent that I have. I had lost weight previously but it was by "dieting" and walking. I was unaware of how I would feel.
Losing weight is one thing but feeling healthy is a totally different thing. I now trust my heart a lot more. I don't think about doing strenuous tasks in my everyday life anymore. I used to worry about walking long distances or doing manual strenuous tasks. I would be concerned that my body wouldn't hold up and I would hold people up or appear really unfit. Now I'm the one waiting for others or being able to continue with manual tasks or lifting while others aren't able.
Did you think it was possible?
Sally replied,
"Yes but not to the extent of the changes in my body and my mind. Anyone can lose weight but to make a life change is something that I probably didn't think was achievable for me. The mind change is probably bigger than the physical changes."