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Shaye's Story

I use to weigh myself everyday



A couple of years ago I told Shaye that she needed to cut her training back from 8-10 sessions a week.

Over two years Shaye had built up her exercise more and more, and results did come.
1 hour, into 2 hours, into 3 hours and so on.
What happened though?
No social life 😢
No time for family 😢
Injuries 😢
This meant results had come to a halt, and there was constant pain and frustration

This is the time we addressed the first habit that needed to be kicked

Shaye weighed herself every day ❌

I told her to put them away, and we would weigh in every 12 weeks and I wouldn't tell her what she weighed. 

The proof is in the pictures
The scales will never make you feel good- they are just a number.
The habit was kicked and never looked back

Now Shaye does
1-2 x ICE
Eats like a legend and has a healthy relationship with food
More time for family 😀
More time for friends 😀
Loves lifting weights 🏋️♀️
Back running again 🏃🏻♀️
Doesn't stress over holiday periods about missing a session 😎

Well done Shaye